Team Top Sheet

To begin with, what is a top sheet?

Top sheet is a flat, rectangular bed sheet that lays in between you and your duvet/comforter/blanket. For cleaning purposes, it is often recommended to put a top sheet under the comforter because the sheet is much easier to clean than your actual duvet or comforter. Top sheet helps keep duvet or duvet cover from getting in direct contact with your night sweat when you nap or sleep in.


However, not everyone thinks that top sheet is useful. people who move around a lot when they sleep often find top sheet wrinkled up at their foot when they wake up. Also, they enjoy the coziness of simply laying in between a comforter and a fitted sheet. For them, a top sheet is often a waste of purchase and usually ends up in the storage room. In this case, one man's treasure is just another man's trash. There is no right or wrong here, it is just personal preference. Because of that, we have decided to offer bundles that are suitable for both parties.


So, which team do you belong to? Team top sheet or team no top sheet?