This week, we asked some students in UCLA and USC (Southern California) about how they wash their bed sheets. Here are some answers that we received:


How often do you wash sheets?

      “Once a week, minimum. More often if they’ve been wet or soiled, or if I’m expecting company to turn down the covers.”

      “Once or twice a week, depends on what I have planned on the weekends really.”

      “Is it bad to say once a semester?” (Yes, it is. :D)

      “Whenever I go home, I would bring it with me. Is it just me or do people also bring their laundry home?”



When is the best time to wash sheets?

      “It really depends on my schedule. I don't like to have a set time of the week to do laundry or wash sheets.”

      “When my roommate asks me if I want to take the laundry down to the basement together. I am pretty flexible on doing laundries”

      “Probably Sunday evening!”

      “I always wash my sheets on Sunday just because I have more free time. Normally Sunday evening so I can catch up on some studies while I dedicate that hour and half on doing laundry”


Can you just take your sheets (and other laundry) home on the weekend? 

      “Probably not. I am from New York. Home is about a 6 hour flight away. So I do my own laundry.”

      “I prefer not to. We are in college now, it is time to take care of ourselves.”

      “Yes, I do that some time, but not so often. I would rather spend time with my family doing something else.”


Do you need an extra set of sheets?

      “Yes, absolutely. I have 3 sets so I can change them whenever.”

      “Nope. One sheet is enough! I’d rather save my money to go out.”

      “It is nice to have but I guess you don’t need that extra set. It would be nice if some one buys me an extra set as a gift.”


Do you wash sheets separately from clothes? 

      “Usually, no. It saves me money. Most lightweight, light-colored things made of similar material can be washed together. Woven cotton sheets can be washed together with woven cotton shirts. It’s a good idea to prewash it separately the first time, then wash it with other things of similar color.” (So knowledgeable!)

      “I separate the sheets from jeans, hoodies, and socks. I just feel like those should be washed separately.”

      “Nope. I prefer to wash them all together. We have a huge washer and dryer so it is pretty convenient to just put everything in one basket.”


Do you use bleach or fabric softener to wash sheets?

      “Usually neither. White sheets need bleach only if they’ve been stained or discolored.”

      “I use softener for everything.”

      “No. Bleach? No, not at all. I don't trust that thing.”

      “Probably neither. I prefer less chemical treated products for something that directly touches my skin.”


How would you have answered these questions? Please share with us your thoughts and if you have any cool/special/unique ways of treating your bed sheet. We should all find small things like this to talk about other than politics this week.


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