To continue from last week's blog post: 5 Things I Am Glad I Did In College, here are the 5 things Morgan regretted from the college days! 


  1. I regret not participating in the study abroad program
    I’m really kicking myself for not participating in my university’s study abroad program. I had options to study in Europe or South America and I didn’t do it in order to save money (and, honestly, because I was afraid of the big change). I really regret that. In truth, it would have been much easier and more cost-effective for me to go as a student than for me to do any travel now. As a grown adult with a career (2 weeks of vacation a year, that’s it!) and a family, it takes a lot of planning, preparation, money, and time to travel. I missed out big time. 


  1. I regret taking too many classes
    For some insane reason I thought it would be a good idea to graduate early. I loaded myself up with the maximum number of credits (in my case, 21) and did that for 3 straight semesters. If I could go back I would have taken it easy (say, 16 credits) and spent more time enjoying myself. I had so much schoolwork that a social life was impossible and I couldn’t join any clubs or groups. I barely met anyone outside of my classes and spent a lot of time alone, stressed out, and hungry (I hadn’t learned to cook yet).

  1. I regret not going to sports games
    I’m not a huge sports fan myself, but I really regret not having more school spirit and experiencing the excitement of a college football game. Can you believe I went my entire college career without attending a single game? Neither can I, but it’s true. I recommend going to a game with a group of friends. Dress up in ridiculously spirited outfits, take lots of photos, cheer for your school, learn the chants, sing the songs. Enjoy yourself.

  1. I regret not taking advantage of free (or cheap) events
    College campuses usually offer free or dirt-cheap events for students. This can include concerts, film nights, plays, operas, career workshops, etc. Sometimes these free events include free food (hello!! Free food!) and, even better, free advice (like how to sharpen up your resume).

    I didn’t go out to very many of these and I regret it. It would have been fun to see plays and concerts, meet new people, and hone my skills in a setting where I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to be there.

  1. I regret neglecting my finances
    I didn’t even bother to learn to manage my finances until I got my first real job after college, and boy, was that stupid! I didn’t think a budget would be useful for me since I wasn’t making much money during college, but learning to budget is beneficial for any income. It’s a life-skill that will easily transfer to your life after college.

This list is meant to inspire you to branch out and try new things. It’s meant to be a real-world guide from someone who is a few years out of college and has a little bit of time on her side. If you’ll notice the list, I mainly regret the things I didn’t do… I don’t regret anything that I did do.

I focused on my schoolwork and my future career, I worked hard, and I think that’s all important (and the reason you’re paying all of that money for college in the first place). But, I could have taken a bit of time to enjoy more of the experience, and my studies wouldn’t have suffered. Yes, you’re working hard toward long-term goals and building a life for yourself, but you can’t work so hard that you forget to live your life as it is, now.

Are you new to college? Do you think this advice will help you make decisions? Are you a post-grad? What are some things you’re glad you did in college? What are some things you regret?



Morgan Myers is a writer, designer, and SEO strategist. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and speaks German quite poorly. Some of her other duties in life include making obscure Gilmore Girls references, drinking all the coffee, creating 90's alternative playlists, and over-explaining Harry Potter.