College is an exciting time, but it can be overwhelming and scary. I remember feeling very alone on that big campus and wishing someone had given me a handbook of advice. Heck, I would have settled for a short blog post (wink, wink). Today, I’ve compiled a list of 5 things I’m glad I did in college and 5 things I regret. I hope this can help guide you on your journey.

5 Things I’m Glad I did in College

  1. I’m glad I joined groups

    I joined my university’s chapter of a political club on campus and I also joined a couple of charity projects. I made some fantastic friends (who later became roommates) and had experiences that taught me important life lessons. When I was feeling lonely I was able to meet up with members of my groups and talk about our common interests. Joining groups helped me break out of my shell and get out of my freshman funk.

  2. I’m glad I formed relationships with my professors

    Now, I didn’t become BFF’s with all of my professors (or any of them, actually) but I did form a friendship with a couple of professors from my upper-division courses. This was helpful because they acted as my mentors. They gave me career advice, helped guide me in choosing classes or courses of study, encouraged me when I was feeling down, and told me about opportunities (like internships and symposiums) that I may have otherwise missed out on.

  3. I’m glad I tried new things

    I tried lots of things that I was really bad at (I’m looking at you, interior design) and some things that I was surprisingly good at, but hated (teaching). And then I found life passions that I wasn’t aware of before (politics and science). Ultimately, I’m glad that I got out of my comfort zones and took advantage of free lectures, workshops, and other learning opportunities; they all aided me on my journey of self-discovery.

  4. I’m glad I learned how to cook (even poorly)

    I’ll be honest, I’m no Emeril, but I can put together a decent meal for myself (and I don’t have to rely on a blue box of macaroni). It’s a skill that was really annoying to learn, but it was definitely handy. It helped me learn how to set a budget for food, follow it, and plan healthier meals. I focused more on what I was putting into my body and actually spent less money on groceries than I did eating out all the time.

  5. I’m glad I changed my major

    That might seem like a silly thing to say, but it honestly changed my life. I’m one of those people that never really had a life goal. I didn’t have one thing I wanted to be as a kid; it changed every year. So when I went into college as a freshman and declared my major I was pretty happy with it. I pushed through my generals and started taking major classes and realized… I hated it. Changing my major would have set me back a year, and I almost didn’t do it, but I bit the bullet and changed my major to something I knew I really loved. I did the extra time and it has really payed off. Instead of working in a career I’m not all that interested in, or working to build a career in something completely different from my degree (which is possible, but difficult), I’m doing work in a field that I love and I’m genuinely excited to go to work every day.


Stay Tuned for the second part of this blog: 5 Things I Regret I Did in College 



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